How to track a stolen mobile

According to the Norton Cybercrime Report , three out of 10 Australian mobile phone users have had a device lost or stolen. However, real-world figures are probably a lot higher.

This can be a harrowing experience, especially if it's a new device that you've spent lots of money on. However, it's usually the loss of your personal information such as contacts and photos that can be more distressing.

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Anti-theft services and accessories can help you retrieve a missing smartphone or at the very least, prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. The anti-theft services work by connecting to your phone over the internet or via SMS, enabling you to lock, locate or factory reset your device remotely.

The hardware accessories are geared more towards loss prevention rather than theft and alert you when you've left your phone behind. They can also help you find your phone if you've misplaced it nearby. Find My iPhone represents the gold standard in anti-theft protection. Change the date if necessary. If your Android has been gone for more than one day, click the DAY box again and select the next day, then review the location history for that day.

Ask your carrier about your phone's IMEI number.

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It should be on record in their files. Yes No.


Government will now help you find your lost/stolen mobile phone: 7 things to know

Not Helpful 33 Helpful Can you track your phones location if it is not connected to a network? You can go to the police station with your IMEI and they will track it for you. Please note that the person with the phone might get arrested as cellphone theft is a serious crime. Not Helpful 45 Helpful You can't find your phone unless it's fully switched on. You just have to wait for the person who stole it to switch it on again before you can track it down.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful Not Helpful 61 Helpful Usually you can call their number as all cell phone providers have an number that you can call. Do an internet search and you should be able to quickly find it.

Not Helpful 26 Helpful You can't find your phone unless it's fully switched on, you just have to wait for the person who stole it to switch it on again and then you could track it down. Not Helpful 35 Helpful Contact law enforcement, they may be able to trace your phone by its IMEI number. Not Helpful 20 Helpful I lost my phone on the 2nd of May , but I was trying to view the timeline but it's useless because there's no record, what can I do?

If the phone is an android, you can go on your computer and search "Find My Device.

What to do if your phone is lost or stolen

Apple has a similar find my device app as well. Not Helpful 22 Helpful I lost my phone last year and I don't have a computer. Is there any other way I can find it? Ask a friend for their phone, go into their browser, and log into your Google account. Then search on Google, "where's my phone? You can also ring your phone, and erase all of its contents.

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Not Helpful 14 Helpful My HTC has been stolen. Would complaining on HTC's service center be useful for me?

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It could be, but contacting your wireless service provider is usually more useful. There is more they can do to help you, especially if you got your phone from them and not directly from HTC. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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  • How to help protect your smartphone and yourself.
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  • Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, on Friday, unveiled an portal where an user can report a complaint of lost or stolen phones If your mobile is stolen or lost, you have to lodge an FIR and inform Department of Telecom. The Central government has launched a portal which will help the users to detect their lost or stolen mobile phones. Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad , on Friday, unveiled a portal where an user can report a complaint of lost or stolen phones.

    The project has started on a pilot basis in Maharashtra on Friday and later it will be implemented across the country. Whenever a user makes a call, the call record shows phone number of the caller and IMEI number of the handset from which the call has been made.