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Finding a permanent departmental post in South Africa can be difficult. When vacancies arise during the school year, and temporary…. No matter which profession you are in, being interviewed for a new job is always nerve-wracking. Tired of having to search through dozens of websites with no luck of finding your perfect teaching job?

Look no further. Jobs is the leading job board for South African school related vacancies.

Put Your Teaching Degree to Work

Simply search for your ideal job on our easy to use website and find your dream job! On our website you can also find news, ideas and resources. Visit Teacha! Jobs today! Our network consists of thousands of teachers and schools.

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Uploading a job is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Reese Witherspoon's Draper James notepad set has all of the Southern charm you'd expect and also comes with six sticky notepads that have 40 sheets each, plus three markers. Listen, no one will ever blame you for going the gift-card route, which teachers always appreciate.

It might seem inappropriate to gift your teacher a big ol' bottle of booze, but you can probably get away with giving these Champagne gummy bears. It also comes with stickers inside, since kids shouldn't get to have all the fun. Because these are a heck of a lot prettier than your average No. Now your most-loved teacher can wear her pride for her profession on her sleeve — literally.

This pin comes in one of four colors, and it looks great affixed to a well-loved tote bag. Don't forget your favorite school librarian! Everybody remembers the excitement of a new, blank composition book, and this one can be filled with everything your favorite teacher needs to take back and forth to work. It even has an interior pocket. For the chem teacher: These necklaces not only look like the molecular makeup of certain favorite fragrances, but they're also made of scented wood so they smell nice too.

Staff Picks

You have the choice of vanilla, jasmine, rose, or lilac. This personalized stationery pairs fun lettering with a cute illustration, so it'll actually feel nice to get a note home from the teacher You can personalize the hairstyle and color of the this stamp, plus add accessories like glasses or a tie, to make a one-of-a-kind creation.

You can also tweak the text if you'd rather say something like, "Property of Mr. Williams' Classroom. Because it's always true. Though if you don't think "forever busy" is a perfect mantra for your favorite teacher, you can opt for one that says " work hard, have fun " instead that one comes in a rainbow stripe instead of a metallic gold. No teacher should suffer the indignity of cold coffee. It'd be hard for any teacher not to be moved by the quote on this candle. As an added bonus, there's a selection of more than 50 fragrances to choose from!


First Day Of Preschool Ideas For Teachers

There's no harm in throwing some extra protection around the electronics when kids are in the mix. After all the stress of the kids yelling all day, is there any better gift than a rejuvenating night's sleep? This sleep mask, from the makers of the weighted Gravity Blanket, weighs a full pound and blocks out light for a full night's rest.

Teachers always need a place to jot down ideas, and the two notebooks in this set are the perfect size for slipping into a pocket or a desk drawer.

Life After Teaching: What Alternative Careers for Teachers Exist in the UK?

Since there are probably plenty of apple-festooned mugs in the cupboard already, opt for this pretty floral design instead, which offers a hint of a personal touch. Show that you appreciate the boundary-pushing work that teachers do with Out of Print's Banned Books pouch, which features "censored" and "uncensored" titles of books that have been challenged in schools.

As a bonus, a portion of the purchase price goes to fund literacy programs. If you're going to go the edible route — and what teacher doesn't appreciate a good between-class indulgence? Teachers talk all day, so they'll appreciate anything that'll keep them refreshed during class.

Curriculum design

While any S'well bottle would do the trick, it might be fun to get one with a shout-out to another school for higher learning. Perhaps the best gift you can give is an escape from your kid's icky, sticky germs.

25 Things You Should Know About Becoming a Teacher

All that sanitizing can make the hands a little dry. Some L'Occitane lotion can help bring the moisture back while feeling like a second spa trip.

Grab this for the funny teacher who always colors outside the lines. Its snarky humor says "I feel you" after a long semester. So a turkey-on-wheat will still be fresh come her long-awaited lunch break. For a relaxing activity — and what teacher doesn't need to feel more relaxed? Then, after the water evaporates, the design disappears, so your teacher can use it all over again.