How to trace a unlisted cell phone call

How do the cops find out unlisted phone numbers? Update Cancel. Is there a simple privacy law that actually makes sense? Continue Reading.

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You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. They fill out a Subpoena or Search Warrant form; Then they get the formed signed by a Judge or Magistrate authorizing the search warrant; Then the Police go to the different phone companies or cell phone carriers and look you up until they find you. View more. Related Questions Can cops trace phone numbers?

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How do I find out the real phone number to a fake phone number? How do you trace a fake phone number? I am just back from Idaho and talked to a retired NSA engineer, and he was telling about forward running on fiberoptic cables for stock transactions which I knew about as well that the NSA knows about all the fiber optic cables. When I get a call, I sometimes put business call on hold only to discover that it is not a legit call.

There has to be a way to source the origin of these calls and put the sobs out of business. IF NSA can intercept encrypted burst quanta data and put them together, they can surely track the large number of calls from robo dialers.

How To Perform A Reverse Phone Lookup for Unlisted Phone Numbers

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A cell phone number lookup has never been easy, but these tips help

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You must type a description before you click preview or reply. We noticed you may have typed personal information in the post. Some of the below options have been around since before cell phones were even invented and still work on mobile networks.

How to Track Incoming & Outgoing Calls on a Cell Phone : Keeping Up With Technology

These are free options that anyone can use to block their phone number when making outgoing calls. However, there are some paid services you can take advantage of also if your intent is to mask your phone number instead of just making it "unknown" or "private. Either way you go, your recipient is less likely to pick up your phone call if it's unlisted or a number they don't recognize, but you can always still leave a voicemail or try back later when they have their guard down.

However, these are your safest options if you're worried about someone abusing your real phone number, either by harassment or by impersonating you in a hack.

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Thanks to the FCC , who has mandated that all US carriers give customers the ability to block their identifying information from appearing on caller ID screens, all you have to do is enter one simple code into your phone's dialer before typing the actual phone number you're calling. If that doesn't work for you, sometimes 31 before the ten-digit number will do the trick since some carriers like T-Mobile use that to hide your number and name when both would show.

However, in testing, using 31 on other carriers will just make a normal call, so test it out beforehand to make sure which works for your region and carrier. If successful, all they will see on their end once the call goes through is "unknown," "private," "restricted," "anonymous," or a similar indicator. However, depending on who you are calling, your call might not be connected.

Your recipients may also subscribe to a premium service from their carrier that rejects all anonymous calls.

How To Find A Restricted Phone Number

Law enforcement can always request your number, and there's current push to make this process instantaneous in the future. Do this with each and every contact you'd rather call anonymously, then call them using the "Contacts" list or the "Favorites" tab like you normally would. If for some reason you don't want your phone number to appear on caller ID for anyone, you can block it for everyone in one shot.