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Any person required to pay interest or penalty due to a late payment can file a written request with the County Treasurer Change the Municipality to — Town of West Point. You can search by parcel number, last name, street name, etc. On the next screen, select the Taxes option from the drop down box under your property description.

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Click on the year link by Print tax bills for your bill or the year link under Tax Year for your receipt. How to file a complaint.

Is your Assessment Fair? Property Tax Publications. Register Below! You do not need to reapply with the Assessor. Following your eligibility determination, the Tax Department will use the Social Security numbers to confirm the income eligibility of the property owners. If there is a change in your determination, they will notify you.

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In subsequent years, the Tax Department will determine income eligibility using the Social Security numbers. If additional information is needed, the department will contact the property owner directly. If the Tax Department denies the appeal and the property owner still believes they are eligible, they can then appeal to the State Board of Real Property Tax Services.

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Disabled Vet — primary residence. Cold War — primary residence- 10 year exemption. Disabled Cold War.


Agricultural Exemption —. The real property tax is a tax based on the value of real property. Counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, and special districts each raise money through the real property tax.

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The money funds schools, pays for police and fire protection, maintains roads, and funds other municipal services enjoyed by residents. The assessment is determined by the assessor and is based on the value of the property less any applicable property tax exemptions. Every parcel of real property in an assessing unit, no matter how big or how small, is assessed.

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Real property is defined as land and any permanent structures attached to it. Examples of real property are houses, gas stations, office buildings, vacant land, shopping centers, saleable natural resources e. Though all real property in an assessing unit is assessed, not all of it is taxable. Some, such as religious or government owned property, are completely exempt from property taxes.

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Others are partially exempt, such as veterans who qualify for an exemption on part of the property tax on their homes. Market value is how much a property would sell for under normal conditions. Assessments are determined by the assessor, an elected or appointed local official who independently estimates the value of real property in an assessing unit.

Assessing units follow municipal boundaries — county, city, town, or village. The assessor can estimate the market value of property based on the sale prices of similar properties. A property can also be valued based on the depreciated cost of materials and labor required to replace it. Commercial property may be valued on its potential to produce rental income for its owners. In other words, the assessor can use whatever approach provides the best estimate of a property s market value.

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Properties in suboptimal uses generally may not be assessed at market value; they must be assessed at their current-use value. It is up to individual property owners to monitor their own assessments. Taxpayers should bring any questions about assessments to the assessor before the tentative roll is established contact your assessor for the tentative roll date.

In an informal setting the assessor can explain how the assessment was determined and the rationale behind it.