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Step 1. Read our blog - we will make sure you are up-to-date with all you need to know as a driver. What do the indicators on the meters mean? Which of them are most important? Dashboards of modern cars at least some of them are reminiscent of aircraft cockpits.

Full of all types of indicators, switches and other elements that are there to inform the driver about the Strongly recommended, especially if you're importing. The report showed car history with photos. Unfortunately, this car was a lemon; it was clocked.

How to Avoid Buying a Used Car Lemon

The car was brought as if from Germany, and in the report it turned out that it was registered in the US. Small amount of information, but useful. While the price depends on a number of factors, you can find out about most of them by checking the VIN number. This serves as an identification code and is a must when registering a vehicle.

For more than a decade, major storms have caused billions of dollars in vehicle damage. Title washing scams have been steadily gaining momentum in that time. Some states have taken measures, adding legislation to prevent buyers from falling prey to title fraudsters.

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The number one red flag when buying a title washed car is low price. If the price still seems too low, ask the seller why. Federal law requires that all VIN badges be in clear sight and legible. Title washing is so widespread that you need to be conscious of the signs before you commit to a purchase.

There are some obvious signs that can indicate an altered vehicle history and knowing them can save you money, time, and headaches. First, be careful if the car has been titled in a state known for title washing. Also, an abundance of rust or salt corrosion given the age of the car or its supposed origin should give you pause.

As the name indicates, the Consumer Protection Act CPA is all about protecting buyers from scams and other harmful commercial schemes, including dishonest car sellers who are trying to make a lemon seem like a hot rod. However, it does provide certain parameters that are beneficial for sellers as well. After all, sellers are not the only people who can be dishonest when it comes to car sales.

Here's an overview of some of the rules put in place by the CPA. One part of the CPA that has gotten a lot of attention is the fact that cars can legally be returned within six months of the sale. In theory, this could be very damaging for sellers, but the law is more complex than that. In reality, a buyer can only return a car under certain conditions.

For professional dealers, the buyer has to prove that the seller somehow lied or misrepresented itself of the car.

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For private sellers, the same rule applies, but there's also a provision relating to voetstoots sales. Selling a car as-is, or voetstoots, is an option for private sellers under the CPA.

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  5. However, thanks to the law's consumer protections, this doesn't mean that the seller can just unload a lemon. If you want to sell a car voetstoots, you will have to compile a thorough list of any issues with the car's structure or mechanics. Whether it's a damaged timing belt or a malfunctioning boot lock, sellers are required to inform buyers what's wrong with the car. If you try to get around this by leaving something off the list, the buyer has some rights when it comes to returning the car to you or demanding that you pay for repairs. If the damage is discovered within six months of the sale, the buyer may be able to demand his or her money back.

    The idea is that shoppers who inadvertently buy a lemon can have some recourse after they discover that their new used car isn't as shiny and wonderful as they initially thought. So, thanks to strong legal protection such as the CPA, South African car shoppers may have the ability to get if their money back if they end up buying a lemon.

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    This means that if you, the seller, aren't careful, you could end up with a big problem on your hands. However, as long as you operate within the confines of the law and deal honestly with your buyer, you shouldn't have any problems. If you are trying to sell a car, be honest about what's wrong with it. Don't try to make a tidy profit off a car you know is a lemon. Also, keep in mind that the CPA and other lemon laws don't totally strip the seller of any rights.

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    Buyers can't force you to take the car back and return their money if they decide on a whim that they don't want it anymore. They also can't try to make you pay for damage incurred after the sale. Lemon laws are designed to protect consumers, but they also usually provide some sort of provisions to protect sellers as well. South Africa's Consumer Protection Act is no different.

    Know the law and let it govern your actions as you gear up to sell your car. Overall, South Africa's CPA can be considered a lemon law because it prevents sellers from totally ripping off buyers. It gives buyers some rights when they feel their trust has been violated, and it places certain restrictions on sellers.

    But the law also provides protection for sellers who are honest and up front about the cars they sell, so as long as you stay honest, selling your car should be rather easy. Browse Categories. All Categories Automotive Vehicles. My Gumtree. Log in.

    All South Africa. The Consumer Protection Act's Rules As the name indicates, the Consumer Protection Act CPA is all about protecting buyers from scams and other harmful commercial schemes, including dishonest car sellers who are trying to make a lemon seem like a hot rod.