Female guards strip search male inmates

That's the only Oscar I know. Is it lunch time yet, I'm hungry. I was thinking you had been around the units when Strain was still around. Maybe he was gone by the time the late 90's rolled around I read a bit about Oscar Strain after you mentioned his name.

Female guards OKd to strip-search male inmates

There's some online stuff to do with the 5th circuit court of appeals where several female TDCJ employees got him in court due to his nonsense. I didn't go to Michael until 11 years after he'd been there in the early 90s.

I might have been on Eastham at time, maybe. Still, I was gone in late The only big names that I heard concerning court rulings during my years inside were of course David Ruiz, the biggest one of them all here in Texas.

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And then there was this guy by the last name of Gross that came along about the time that PTO came into existence. His case to do with the long standing argument over the constitutionality of mandatory supervision that changed to a more discretionary condition. His case if there ever was one to begin with, is how I actually heard the name Prison Talk the very first time. Someone on the Neal unit back around 03 or 04 had a wife that was either a PTO member or visitor that would send him info she learned of here.

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And to this day, I'm still flabbergasted as to how wired up and obsessed many of us were on the Neal unit concerning his supposed Supreme Court hope of having mandatory supervision brought back. We were really on a serious goose chase when we all signed a petition and attempted to stay tuned in on that deal. Being accurate, knowledgeable and effective in the jail house sense where litigation matters are concerned is not easy and that's why so many have failed at it over the years I've come into contact with.

Degrading strip search of 200 women prisoners cries out for courts to act

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Mark Forums Read. Straight Talk The general Ex-Offender discussion forum. If you have done time, this forum is for you. Thread Tools. Lee wrote otherwise. The county did not admit wrongdoing. Kat Tenbarge.

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Snapchat icon A ghost. A federal court ruled that it was legal for Illinois guards to strip-search female inmates in full view of male correctional officers, male and female cadets, and civilians for a "training exercise. Lee wrote "It is rationales like this — that fall somewhere between legitimate security concerns and unjustified harassment — that suggest the continuing need for the Fourth Amendment even in prisons. It took a while — what's new? District Judge Michael A.


Inmates Have No Expectation of Privacy When It Comes to Visual Body-Cavity Searches - FindLaw

Ponsor has finally ruled that the class action suit can go forward. These were women segregated from the population for different reasons such as suicide watch; the jail claimed that strip searches were necessary for safety per attorney David Milton, interviewed on the Bill Newman radio show, also out of Western Mass.

These cases are so clearly an abuse of power that it is almost not worth mentioning the obvious. And yet a woman stripped naked in front of male officers should only occur in cases of emergency. Female officers should always be conducting searches. And it shouldn't take a lawsuit to change an abusive policy. Supposedly the jail now only videotapes when they feel there is a direct threat, i.