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Samsung Galaxy. Vodafone Smart. More options to buy a new mobile. Thankfully, with its Symmetry line, OtterBox shows it can offer similar protection in slimmer forms. But for everything else?

We Tested 5G Across America. It’s Crazy Fast—and a Hot Mess - WSJ

The Symmetry should do nicely. Highlights : Plenty of cases on this page are tough. The rubbery edges deliver excellent grippiness, and the oversized buttons and full covering for the speakers and Lightning port represent improvements over many of the cases listed here. Impressively, you can still wirelessly charge your phone even with the strap in the way. Highlights: Spigen makes my favorite clear case for the new iPhones. Gear4 makes these cases with D3O—a polycarbonate material used for bulletproof glass, among other things—and as you might expect with that kind of claim, Crystal Palace cases are reportedly able to withstand drops of around 13 feet.

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With the neon blue case I used, for instance, my midnight green iPhone 11 Pro took on an attractive blue-green hue that reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea. Additional features include smooth edges and an attractive tapered edge surrounding the camera. You can see how quickly this happens in our unboxing video. Thin is in, especially when it comes to cases.

With cases like these, you can keep your device protected and appreciate all that work Apple put into making its phones as thin as possible. That material also has antimicrobial protection, which helps keep stains from forming because of the bacteria on your hands.


The Pixel 3a runs on mid-range hardware, so it doesn't quite have the punch that flagship phones offer, but otherwise it's an easy route into Google's Android system, free from bloat, at the front of the update queue and offering a great experience. OnePlus has stepped up with the 7 Pro, looking to challenge flagship phone makers on all levels. That means more cameras, a bigger build - as well as the option for 5G for those with the network to support it. The 7 Pro offers a great clean software experience, focusing on speed, and pairs that with great battery life and seriously fast Warp Charging.

The cameras don't quite match the best out there, but there are now more options for OnePlus users from the triple camera system, not to mention the pop-up front-facing camera that avoids the notches or cut-outs you'll get elsewhere. OnePlus has opted not to certify for IP protection, but does offer a 90Hz display, making it super smooth.

We Tested 5G Across America. It’s Crazy Fast—and a Hot Mess

The downside is that this is a big step-up in OnePlus pricing too - and now undercut by the OnePlus 7T. Samsung's lower-priced smartphone delivers the Samsung experience at a lower price. Importantly, the S10e gives you flagship power unlike Samsung's A models , so they only real loss is in the camera configuration. What you do get is the impressive punch hole camera in the display, an under display fingerprint scanner and a fully-featured software experience.

If you're after a smaller handset that still packs a punch, then the Galaxy S10e is well worth considering. Oppo has made a big splash with the Reno family, topped by the 10x Zoom. It's a silly name for a phone, but it mirrors much of the OnePlus 7 Pro in terms of hardware - all the way down to a pop-up wedge selfie camera to make sure that the display remains clear of notches and clutter.

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The result is a phone that's pretty big and bulky, but you do get good performance and battery life with that. The Reno runs Oppo's ColorOS based on Android and while it's not hugely intrusive, there's a lot of changes and it's not a smooth and nice to use as the software you'll find on the OnePlus 7 Pro. There's also a 5G version - called the Oppo Reno 5G - but which offers the same core functions. The Moto G family has long impressed in affordable phones.

Offering a pretty clean Android build, they have been increasing the quality in recent years while pushing the price up a little. The Moto G7 Power offers something a little different, however, and that's unbeatable battery life.

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With a mAh battery, you'll get two days of use - even if you're a power user. So while it doesn't have the best camera, best display, or the most power, while all the other flagship devices on this list have died, the Moto G7 Power will battle through for another day. If battery matters, then definitely consider the G7 Power. With it come a range of enhancements in the S Pen, including a collection of gestures to make the phone do things without you touching it. But outside of the S Pen, you might be better off with the Galaxy S10, because the Note 10 doesn't really move things long.