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Please know that implementing these checks is not a reflection on you or any of our current workers — just a necessary precaution. It will also allow us to update all information so our records will be accurate. The background check will include both a Social Security and Criminal records search.

The need for the criminal background check is to ensure that all of our workers have been screened and there are no child offenders serving in our ministries.

The Social Security check is a secondary check that is used to verify addresses of past places of residence. Once the background checks are completed and references checked out, then the application will be approved and both the applicant and the ministry they desire to serve in will be notified. All documentation of applications and background checks will then be securely stored.

First Baptist Church requires staff members and volunteers to abstain from the use or possession of tobacco products in church facilities, while in the presence of children or their parents, or during First Baptist Church activities or programs. Verbal interactions between staff members or volunteers and children should be positive and uplifting. First Baptist Church staff members and volunteers should strive to keep verbal interactions encouraging, constructive, and mindful of their mission of aiding parents in the spiritual growth and development of children.

To this end, staff members and volunteers should not talk to children in a way that is or could be construed by any reasonable observer as harsh, threatening, intimidating, shaming, derogatory, demeaning, or humiliating.

Release Summary

In addition, staff members and volunteers are expected to refrain from swearing in the presence of children. At any time that a child has been entrusted to First Baptist Church staff members or volunteers, the Church incurs responsibility for the safety and well-being of the child. Staff members and volunteers must act to ensure the appropriate supervision and safety of children in their charge.

This process is applicable for children in the nursery through the 4 th grade. Children in the 5 th — 12 th grade will be released at the end of the scheduled program unless a parent requests the child be released into their care.

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In the event that staff members or volunteers are uncertain of the propriety of releasing a child, they should immediately locate or contact their immediate program coordinator or the Senior Associate Pastor before releasing the child. The First Baptist Church Nursery utilizes a pager system for each child. The parent or guardian must return the pager to the nursery workers when picking up their child. The nursery workers will only release the child in this manner. To honor God and be a witness to the world, we have a dress code during church programming or events.


It is very important that we set a good example to others and be willing to go against the culture if that culture is not faithful to the teachings of Christ. Some organizations such as camps may have a different dress code. In this case, the First Baptist Church dress code provides the minimum acceptable dress requirements. These guidelines are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment in which children can grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. In employing this procedure, staff members and volunteers should observe the following guidelines: Verbally redirect the child before physically intervening.

With younger children some physical redirection may be necessary for example, removing a toy from the hands of a child that is hitting another.

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If the behavior does not cease, remove or direct the child away from the group to a corner of the room where the group is meeting avoid being alone with the child. Provide the child with a simple, understandable reason for the time-out, and provide the child with clear explanation of your expectations.

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Do not physically hold the child in time-out. For longer time-outs give intermittent praise to reassure the child and keep them on task. Remind them that repeating their initial behavior will result in further time-out. Follow this with praise. Changing of diapers will be done in plain sight of other nursery workers. Children will never be left unattended on changing tables. Any special instructions given by parents leaving children in nursery will be recorded on the registration cards.

Children will be re-diapered and re-clothed immediately upon the completion of changing the soiled diaper. Children will be changed on changing stations only. Toilet Training No child will be forced to toilet train.

When children are taken into bathrooms, the door will be left partially open. Young children will never be left unattended in bathrooms. Any special instructions given by parents leaving children in the nursery will be recorded on the registration card. Children will be assisted in straightening their clothing before returning to the room with other children.

School-age Children School-age children may be accompanied to the restroom for supervision and assistance when needed. Special Needs Parents will offer instruction to staff members or volunteers to change the diapers of special needs individuals. The following guidelines should be strictly observed when workers are involved in the transportation of children: Children should be transported directly to their destination. Unauthorized stops to a non-public place should be avoided. Staff members and volunteers should avoid transportation circumstances that leave only one child in transport.

Staff members and volunteers should avoid physical contact with children while in vehicles. No cell phones may be utilized by the driver while driving First Baptist Church vans, or vehicles owned or rented by First Baptist Church, unless in an emergency.

Arkansas Baptist State Convention · Volunteer Background Check Authorization Form

No drivers under age 25 may drive First Baptist Church owned or rented vehicles. Must have at least one adult in addition to driver present in each vehicle used to transport children. It is presumed a person who drops off a child or student has authority to pick up the child. Watts said most of their checks returned clear, but the few that have been flagged allowed church leadership to talk more deeply with the individuals and sometimes suggest other areas of the church that might be better suited for their service.

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For Smith, it also serves as an avenue for community outreach. For Westwood Baptist Church in Alexandria, Alabama, the program allows church leaders to screen those participating in mission trips.