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Once a document is in the public record, it is accessible through the Freedom of Information Act, but this accessibility is not always without restriction.

In addition to the national Freedom of Information Act, each state has specific legislation that guides access to public records. Most buyers want the protection of recordation to give notice that the property has been sold.

Register of Deeds

Generally, a real estate deed is recorded in the county where the property is located. In most counties, the recorder, clerk, or register of deeds is responsible for maintaining land records. To be recorded, the document must meet both statutory and local requirements. Many counties now have e-recording available, click here for more information. In most cases deeds do not need to be recorded to be valid; however, most states require that a deed be recorded to be binding on third parties.

This is important to the chain of title in real estate.

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If you have a deed showing that someone has transferred a piece of property to you and you do not record that deed, another person may be able to show an ownership interest in the property ahead of you in the chain of title by recording their proof first. LandShark is a web-based tool for the location and retrieval of land record documents.

With LandShark, you can search for land record documents and, if the document is available on our system, actually view the document on your computer. LandShark is designed to be used by two different types of users: daily users and occasional users:.

What is Recording?

LandShark has an internet option for the Occasional User working in the real estate related business. If you do not have a good real estate background, you are best advised to visit the office of your local register of deeds and get assistance to locate your documents.

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If you have a good real estate background, you will have no difficulty using LandShark. Statutory copy fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system and can be paid for by using your credit card.

Registrar of Deeds

LandShark has an internet access program designed for title insurance firms and other real estate related firms that operate in Wisconsin and need daily access to the land records in the Washington County Register of Deeds office. If your real estate related firm needs only intermittent access, or if your computer expertise is limited, please consider using Occasional LandShark instead. To research more about escrow accounts, click Daily LandShark.

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Registrar of Deeds

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