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She said her office has done outreach to doctors to teach them how to complete death certificates as some did not previously know how. As it stands, her office already has to review many natural deaths if patients have primary doctors located nearby but in the state of Maryland.

In York County last year, cases were accidental deaths, cases were natural, 92 were suicide and 18 were homicide. Fatal accidents at home, work have doubled. The county reported such deaths last year compared to 64 deaths ten years ago. The county is growing in population so that could account for some of the increase as well as improved reporting, Gay said.

Some senior residents are hesitant to report falls in their homes, Gay said, for fear of being placed into a care facility, but delays in reporting injuries can prove deadly, particularly with slow brain bleeds.

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Increased use of blood thinners among the older population also could be contributing to a higher number of deadly falls, Gay said. The prescription blood thinners are better than ever at their primary goal of reducing blood clots but one of the unintended consequences is that it is harder than ever to reverse bleeding when a patient is on such medication. Work-related deaths increased. York County recorded an uptick of work-related deaths with 12 last year. There are no particular reasons behind the trend, Gay said, as the deaths mostly represented freak accidents.

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A year-old man died in January after he was trapped underneath a front-end loader as he was grading an area. Two firefighters died in March after a burned building collapsed on them.

Four co-workers died when their utility truck crashed into a septic tanker truck on Route 30 in Paradise Township. The driver of the utility truck cross the center line for an unknown reason. All four men were wearing their seatbelts, according to the coroner, but they died from multiple blunt force trauma. A year-old man died in June when a tree fell on him while he was working to cut a tree down. A year-old man died in August in York County, more than a year after suffering a spinal cord injury and quadriplegia after a tree fell on him as he worked as a day laborer in West Virginia.

The first truck had come to a stop, and so did the charity van driver, then then another semi-tractor trailer failed to stop and hit the van, pushing it into the back of the trailer. York County recorded 18 homicides last year, down from 27 in Guns were involved in nearly every homicide last year, although one victim was fatally stabbed and another fatally beaten. While the drop in homicides was dramatic, it brought the level back to the historically-normal range of homicides for York County, which is between 15 and 20 homicides, Gay said.

The county records more shootings than police would like but wounds that missed vita organs and great medical care by doctors helps to prevent most of them from turning into homicides, Gay said.

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The worst months for homicides last year represented a three-way tie among the months of April, May, and October. Heart disease biggest killer. Of all the natural deaths in York County last year, heart disease claimed the most lives at The next highest category was respiratory problems with 14 deaths followed by alcoholism and cancer. One of the reasons heart disease is the top killer is because it is often responsible for sudden, otherwise unexplained deaths.

Instead, their primary doctor signs the death certificate. Autopsies are expensive and time-consuming, so they are reserved for suspicious and unexplained cases. But the death of an older person with heart disease and diabetes, for example, would likely be chalked up to heart disease without an autopsy. The York County office conducted autopsies on of its investigations, which is about 36 percent of the cases. More cases pending, but fewer undetermined.

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There were 16 cases pending at the end of last year, up from eight the year before. In addition to the pending cases, the coroner could not determine a manner of death in six cases last year, which was down from nine cases in The first category is the unexplained death of an infant. This can be the case if the person overdosed on a newly altered synthetic drug. The third category includes cases where every test and examination simply comes up empty. In some cardiac arrhythmia cases, for example, it leaves no trace or evidence behind.

The cases are never simply closed without explanation, she said.

This January crash claimed the life of a year-old man in Franklin Township. More deaths from car crashes. More people died in automobile crashes last year: 56 deaths, up from 38 in It was the highest death toll from motor vehicle crashes since It included 10 pedestrian deaths, although just five of those cases occurred inside the county limits.

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But was an unusually low year, an aberration in the historical number of deaths for crashes, which averaged 48 deaths per year over the prior 11 years. A person with substance use disorder prepares heroin, placing a fentanyl test strip into the mixing container to check for contamination, Wednesday Aug. If the strip registers a "pinkish" to red marker then the heroin is positive for contaminants. Drug overdoses down, but remain problematic. York County logged drug overdose deaths last year, down from in It was the first year that fatal overdoses had declined since , and the decline was in line with several other counties across the Commonwealth, including Lancaster County, that reported declines.

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The number of fatal overdoses in Dauphin County, however, continued to climb last year. Evidence collected during autopsies and at the scene of the death can be used for criminal prosecution as well as determining the cause of death. Coroner's Office is frequently called to court in order to testify as to the results of these examinations. The Coroner's Office is constantly on alert for deaths which may pose a threat to public health from communicable disease or through product liability.

The identification process may need to utilize fingerprints, dental records, body x-rays or DNA testing. Under certain circumstances, the Coroner's Office is responsible for removal and transportation of the decedent to the county morgue. The Coroner's Office will also obtain information from family, friends and public safety personnel regarding the terminal episode.

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The Coroner's Office works with numerous medical and law enforcement agencies to understand how these people lost their lives, to seek justice and bring closure to families. Skip to Main Content. Home Departments Coroner.