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Find Out When Someone’s Birthday Is

Alternatively, you can simply set the fields to Month and Day to remove your birthday from your profile. If you have, remove it. Instructions from Instagram :. You now know why, and how, to protect your birth date online.

How To Find out Someone’s Birthday

Protect your kids from the same threats by keeping their birth dates off the Internet. Follow the advice in this post for them. Be especially careful about photos, and posts by others. As I explained in the post above, I highly recommend making your birth date private rather then public, because if people can easily find your birth date, it increases your risk of identity theft, fraud, scams, and more.

You agree to receive the email newsletter. You agree to the Privacy Policy. The Threat Scammers, fraudsters, and identity thieves can wreak havoc with just your name, date of birth DOB , and address. Try to scam or defraud you or your family or friends. Commit fraud in your name. Get access to your financial accounts.

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Open new financial accounts in your name. Open utility accounts including phone and Internet service in your name. Thank you very much I get my spam from the supermarket and it comes in a can," Foley says. Don't give your phone number at the register. A phone number can be plugged into Google and they can start sending you mailings, Sileo says. Don't provide your zip code at the register.

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If you're talking about a merchant or clerk, that's not a part of the credit card processing methodology," says Foley. Don't give a full address on every Web site you visit or give your birthdate on an open social forum. All rights reserved.

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      Just enter the name in the search box, and we'll take it from there. When you search Date of Birth Records, you're provided with all the information including birth date records and address records. When you search Date of Birth Records, you can be sure of receiving all the quality public records information. If you're to make timely decisions, then you need to search Date of Birth Records. You'll be provided with all the required Date of Birth Records information in the nick of time. If this sounds interesting enough, then you don't have t put in much time and effort to search Date of Birth Records.

      If this is what you'd like for, then what's holding you back.

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      Just enter the first and the last name in the search box, and we'll take it from there.