Georgia background checks and criminal records

I am not able to have it expunged because I plead guilty. Not able to have the court records sealed. The only option is to ask the Governor for a simple pardon, which doesnt even remove from my record. I am female, in my 40's and only experience I have is clerical experience. I was wondering if anybody knows if I would be able to get a Real Estate License with a fraud misdemeanor charge in the state of virginia? Nosympathy in Lawrenceville, Georgia. These expunged kits are all scams. Please don't get caught up in them and lose your money.

Background Check Procedures in Georgia | Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

There is nothing that you can do, but keep applying and hope for the best. A lot of people are looking and applying for jobs right now and employees have plenty to chose from. They would rather pick someone with clean records than have to deal with people with criminal backgrounds.

Unfortunately, this is the price that you have to pay when you commit a crime, you lose the trust of society. Keep applying and keep praying.

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Nosympathy in Lawrenceville, Georgia said: These expunged kits are all scams. I work in an entertainment venue and sometimes there are "security issues" usually fueled by alcohol. Security often de-escalates the situation by warning the offender s that if the police are called, this will result in an arrest and that will haunt them til they die! MelissaF in Marietta, Georgia. Georgia has actually enacted a new law that will not allow court records to include identifiers such as social security number and complete birthdays. Clayton County took it a step further and has actually retroactively redacted that information from their court records.

With this, background screening that does cursory database searches and even some county level searches may not pull up your name because of the requirement to have more than one identifier for criminal records. This may not be the answer you are seeking, but the states are becoming more and more aware of the applicants' rights. Hi i was looking to getting my background expunged and needed some helps and tips if you can please contact me asap thank you have a good day.

Ted in Tucson, Arizona. I am in Tucson Arizona and I found a job in Phoenix that thankfully hired me without running background checks but I am moving my wife son and I to Atlanta and am wondering if it will prevent me from still getting hired out there. Chandler in Mountain View, California. What is the name of this law and is there a website where I can find more information?

I've been convicted of Family Violence twice and I've been turned down for many jobs. Chanel Dexter in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently in the process of moving to Atlanta and I have a criminal record from California over ten years ago. Does anyone know the laws in Georgia pertaining to background checks.

Jessica in Dallas, Georgia. I also have a 10 ur old felony. Georgia is hard to get past.

Background Check Procedures in Georgia

When I first moved here it took me a year to get a job. Couldn't get past the background check after receiving the job offer.

Then when that job ended it took over a year to get the next. Sign In. Press Releases Applicant Processing.

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