History of vehicle stability contro

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How Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) works

Manage Your Account. Download Your Manual. Electronic Stability Control ESC incorporates a range of technologies designed to give you greater control of your vehicle and help keep you safe.

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If you have to steer sharply left or right, perhaps to avoid an obstacle, ESC precisely balances braking power between each individual wheel and can also reduce power from the engine. This helps counter understeer and oversteer, making your car more stable and easier for you to control.

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ESC and Traction Control can also reduce the risk of wheelspin in wet or icy conditions. Ford policy is one of continuous product development.

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  6. The right is reserved to change specifications, colours of the models and items illustrated and described on this website at any time. Vehicles Shop Finance Owners Vehicles. My dealer says that this option does not apply to the Hybrid because of the CVT transmission. Is this correct? I have noticed on steep inclines the CVT can roll back significantly unlike other auto boxes which I have used before.

    Hi Dave Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about your issue with the Hill Start Assist Control.

    Toyota car safety: stability and control technologies

    Your car does have this feature and we are sorry if you were told otherwise. To activate it you need to push hard down on the brake, the car will go beep beep and the skid light will flash on the dashboard.

    When it releases it will go beep and the light goes out. This will hold the car for a few seconds once the brake is released.

    Toyota car safety: stability and control technologies - Toyota

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