How do i find someones employer

These terms must not take away your statutory rights. Your employer can extend your probationary period, as long as your contract says they can do this. For example, your employer may want to extend your probationary period in order to have more time to assess your performance. However, they can only do this if your contract has a term which says your probationary period can be extended under these circumstances. A fixed term contract specifies a date when it will end.

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You have the same statutory rights as permanent staff. This must be a continuous period of employment. Continuous employment is the length of time an employee has worked for their employer without a break. You can read more about continuous employment on GOV.

What Is the Definition and Meaning of an Employer?

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How to Look Up Someone's Employment Status

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An Employer Provides Work for Employees Who Are Paid to Do a Job

It doesn't have enough detail. I can't work out what I should do next.

I don't understand. You've reached the character limit. The data furnished by these services usually contain the most recent employer information. Double-check this by using more than one site for research. Some of these pages require the payment of a fee.

How to Trace a Social Security Number to an Employer

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