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She began researching how to change the name of the "attendant at delivery" on the certificates.

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Hoechstetter tried every angle. She says she was told she'd need an order from the State Supreme Court to make the change, since the doctor's name wasn't there in "factual error.

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Included in the survivors' suit was a demand to allow changes to birth certificates where Hadden was listed. Hadden remain deeply troubling, and we have treated them with the utmost seriousness.

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That lawsuit is ongoing. But in the meantime, Levine's legislation could help alleviate the trauma of any woman in New York City in a situation similar to that of Hoechstetter and Hadden's other survivors.

Levine says the next steps are to hold a public hearing on the bill and then a vote in the health committee. If that vote is successful, the full city council will vote on the bill.

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Levine is optimistic about the legislation passing. He points to the merits of the policy, of course, but also to the power of Hoechstetter's voice. Plus, a similar bill passed just a few months ago: In September, the city council passed legislation allowing New Yorkers to change the gender marker on their birth certificate.

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Levine hopes to have the public hearing in early Psychiatry visiting hours are as follows: Weekdays: Weekends: p. Sibling visitation hours are a. All others need administrative approval. Neonatal Nursery: 24 hours a day, seven days a week for mothers, fathers, partners and grandparents of the baby.

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