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Available as a sedan or the far-more-practical hatchback, it drives very well for its class, and even offers an ultra-thrifty 1. Get a quote on the Ford Fiesta. The new compact sedan is redesigned inside and out with more subdued exterior styling. Not to mention, the new Rio is slightly larger in every dimension.

Inside, a five-inch touchscreen and USB drive are standard equipment.

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A sedan version of the standard Mirage, the G4 does little to improve upon the ho-hum refinement and driving dynamics of the tiny Mitsubishi. But it is still one of the most affordable new cars around today, comes with a warranty, and returns impressive highway fuel economy. Get a quote on the Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

Though a redesigned Rio has been shown off overseas, the existing car carries over to the model year in the U. The sedan has lots of available features if you spend more; at this entry price, standard equipment is on the meager side. With a dainty turning circle and petite dimensions, the Fortwo is super-easy to park almost anywhere.

Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Get a quote on the Smart Fortwo. A new Hyundai Accent is on the way, but for now the existing model remains an extremely affordable way to get a new car with a lengthy year warranty. The car's 1. Get a quote on the Hyundai Accent. Get your dose of retro Italian style with the Fiat A variety of option packs and retro-inspired special editions allow buyers to dress up this hatchback in many different styles.

Get a quote on the Fiat Get a quote on the Chevrolet Sonic. If possible, ask the department of motor vehicles if there are past-due registration fees you'd be responsible for if you buy the car. Make sure you have insurance before you drive it away. Keith Griffin is a member of the New England Motor Press Association and has been an automotive journalist and new car reviewer for more than a decade. Updated January 06, The 10 areas with the lowest average used-vehicle listing prices are:. Miami, Florida: The 10 areas with the highest average used-vehicle listing prices are:.

Decide ahead of time how much you're willing to spend, but don't start with this number. Make an opening offer lower than but in the ballpark of the average price you found in your research.

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If you and the seller reach a price near the average price paid, you're probably in good shape. Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our.

20 Cheapest Cars For Sale In The U.S.

While it would require some standardization, it would be nice if there were a slot that could accept most phones and tablets and offer them wireless power, plus connectivity to the screen and a one-way feed of data from the car. There might be a pop-out control for the car in breakdown situations, such as a handlebar that pops out or a joystick that lets you move the car slowly, video-game style.

It would not be for driving at speed or even human takeover in an accident situation, just a low-cost device to let you do things like gets the car off the road in the event of major breakdowns. Cars which go out into the country might have fancier controls to let you drive dirt roads, driveways or other unmapped spaces. Will there be a fancy sound system? Well, people will want music and video in the cars and the electric engines will be less noisy.

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On the other hand, quality noise cancelling headphones might offer an even better experience, aided by only a subwoofer or vibration elements in the seat. And they could even offer different audio to each person if there are multiple occupants. They will probably be cheaper than a fancy sound system, too, and can be brought by the passenger if some cases. They also can be easily upgraded. More economical cars might have none of this — no screen, a fixed seat, bring your own headphones — and still be quite suitable for many riders.

You will mostly spend it fiddling with your phone and care about little else. We will want climate control, but robotaxis offer some interesting alternatives. The car could stop by a depot for a load of ice or other pre-chilled coolant good enough to keep the vehicle cool for an hour or two.

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Then it would reload. Heat in very cold areas could also come this way, or with some GHG emissions, by burning a liquid fuel, or a biofuel. The small electric taxi may also be granted permission to go inside buildings, so you enter and leave primarily in climate-controlled places, reducing its need for powerful climate control.

During bitter cold periods, the cars could go to heating stations or electric stations to keep their interiors and batteries warm. While this car strips out things like pedals or a steering column, it does have a few things over and above the traditional car. It needs two redundant steering systems and two redundant braking systems in particular, because the human is not there to provide alternatives if one fails.

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And of course, it has the sensors and computers to make it drive itself. The suspension also changes. This car is small and simple, much fewer moving parts and general parts than the typical car made today. Small, simple and light translates into cheap.

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Very cheap. Cheaper to make means cheaper to sell. Billions more people will be able to access car transportation than can do so today, when you must put down many thousands of dollars to get in the game. That means big sales of these and other vehicles, and that also means even lower prices. Share this article: facebook. View Comments. June 17, Mercedes Benz autonomous concept car at the IAA What does it look like? Small Toyota i-Road concept car. Source: Wikipedia Commons A car for people will be small.