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There are various locations around the city, but one of my favorites is the memela stand on the corner of Avenida Reforma Sur and Calle Zacapoaxtla close to the Walmart Reforma. The memelas there are cheap and tasty. Chiles en Nogada are stuffed poblano chilis that are covered in a cream sauce and topped with pomegranate.

How to call Mexico from United States

As you can see, the three main colors on the dish are red, white, and green. They also happen to be the colors of the Mexican flag. Mole Poblano is probably the most famous dish from Puebla. Mole is actually not the dish itself, but the dark sauce that covers the meat typically chicken. You can also try it at the restaurant Mi Ciudad. Chanclas are a type of wet sandwich that are made with bread, avocado, onion, meat, and a special red salsa.

Even though Chanclas are a sandwich, be prepared to eat them with a knife and fork. There is just too much salsa to eat it with your hands. They are also good party food!

Puebla (city)

When most people think about Chalupas, taco bell comes to mind. But, the real Mexican chalupas are very different and much tastier. At the time, Mexican-Americans in California opposed to slavery felt that the success of the Union could hinge on the Battle of Puebla and upon hearing that Mexican forces had prevailed, they celebrated with fireworks and drinks.

Cinco de Mayo was born.

Some of these Mexican-Americans had seen Mexico disavow slavery in — when California was still part of Mexico — a few years after gaining independence from Spain. Then California joined the Union as a free state in In Mexico, it's really only celebrated in Puebla. In the '60s, Chicano activists in the U. But by , beer companies usurped the day, using it as a commercial opportunity to increase their revenues and began to market the day for white audiences, too.

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Now, it's mostly an excuse for college frats to get drunk and appropriate our culture without really thinking about Mexicans. But I know what Cinco de Mayo is to me. It was one of the first holidays enacted by people who didn't divide loyalties based on borders.

Instead, they stood in solidarity with people different from them. They understood that none of us are free until we are all free.

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The same malevolent force stands behind all hate. Then and now. Use caller ID to screen calls from unidentified numbers.

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See our consumer guide on Caller ID and Spoofing: www. Avoid answering any calls you suspect may be spoofed. Carefully examine your monthly telephone bills for accuracy, and report any erroneous charges to your billing company. Friday, September 8, Consumer and Governmental Affairs.