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Nolo contendere : No contest-has the same effect as a plea of guilty, as far as the criminal sentence is concerned, but may not be considered as an admission of guilt for any other purpose. Obligation : An order placed, contract awarded, service received, or similar transaction during a given period that will require payments during the same or a future period. Plea : In a criminal case, the defendant's statement pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" in answer to the charges, a declaration made in open court.

Probate : Proving a will Probation : A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases convicted defendants under supervision as long as certain conditions are observed. Statute : A law passed by a legislature. Registration of person who has committed a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor or a nonviolent sexual offense. Registration of person who has committed a sexually violent offense.

Registration of person who has committed a sexual offense in another jurisdiction. Registration of person who has committed a felony for a sexual purpose. Restriction on dissemination of registration information for certain offenders. Responsibilities of courts and agencies in registration process. The state legislature modified the law in The changes include notifying the community whenever a sex offender is out of jail.

The details of such sex offender should go to schools in the neighborhood where the offender lives or plan to reside. The law makes sure the public are aware of sex offenders among them. It also prevents violent predators from re-offending. The Connecticut sex offender Registry provides information on Sex Offenders in the state. The information is available to the general public on the internet. The Registry is an online tool designed to help create awareness on the dangers of sex offenders.

Sex Offenders in Pierce County

Connecticut Sex Offender law ensures that the information on the registry is up-to-date and accurate. You can search the registry by city, neighborhoods, and streets. A list of sex offenders and their recent photographs are available for every community in Connecticut. There are 5, registered sex offenders in Connecticut. By clicking above, I accept the Terms of Use. Having contact with the intimate parts of a minor under 16 or subjecting a minor under 16 to contact with the intimate parts of such person sexually and indecently likely to impair the health or morals of such child - CONN.

Sexual assault 1st degree of a person under 13 years of age when the offender is at least two years older than the victim - CONN. Sexual assault 2nd degree when the victim is: 1 between the ages of 13 and 16, and the offender is at least 2 years older than the victim; 2 less than 18 years old and the actor is the victim's guardian or is otherwise responsible for the general supervision of the victim's welfare; or 3 the actor is a school employee and the victim is a student enrolled in a school in which the actor works or a school under the jurisdiction of the local or regional board that employs the actor - CONN.

Sexual assault 3rd degree when the actor engages in sexual intercourse with another person whom the actor knows to be related to him or her within specified degrees of kindred - CONN. Promoting prostitution 1st degree when the offender advances or profits from the prostitution of a person less than 16 years old - CONN. Promoting prostitution 2nd degree when the offender advances or profits from the prostitution of a person less than 18 years old - CONN. Kidnapping 1st degree of a victim under the age of 18 - CONN.

Kidnapping 1st degree with a firearm of a victim under the age of 18 - CONN. Kidnapping 2nd degree of a victim under the age of 18 - CONN. Kidnapping 2nd degree with a firearm of a victim under the age of 18 - CONN. Unlawful restraint 1st degree of a victim under the age of 18 - CONN. Unlawful restraint 2nd degree of a victim under the age of 18 - CONN. Public indecency involving a victim under the age of 18 - CONN.

For more serious offenses, duty to register relieved only by [state] pardon.

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Effective January 1, , people in Tiers 2 and 3 of the new sex offender structure may seek relief from the superior court where they are registered, after a minimum period of registration. See column 1. Sealing of juvenile records under Cal. Sealing available 5 years after termination of juvenile court jurisdiction or upon turning See column 1 for changes effective in Certificate of rehabilitation: Must not have been subsequently incarcerated. Must not be on probation for a felony. Must "conform to and obey the laws of the land. Removal from website: No conviction for certain listed offenses.

Certificate of rehabilitation: "The person shall live an honest and upright life, shall conduct himself or herself with sobriety and industry, shall exhibit a good moral character, and shall conform to and obey the laws of the land.

Must reside in California for 5 years prior to application. Must not be in custody, on parole, or probation. CO Life. Collateral relief order not available for sex offenders. See, e.

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Pardon may relieve registration requirement but no authority directly on point. Misdemeanor offenders under No prior sex offense charges, no prior unlawful sexual behavior charges. Juvenile offenders: Court considers "whether the person is likely to commit a subsequent offense of or involving unlawful sexual behavior. Court must determine by totality of circumstances that registration would be unfairly punitive and that exempting the person would not pose a significant risk to the community. Full pardon "erases" conviction and person "deemed to have never been arrested," though no authority directly on point.

No other provision for early termination. Unconditional pardon relieves registration obligations. Heath v. State, A.

Registered Sex Offenders

Sex offenses not eligible for misdemeanor first offender expungement. Tier I offenders: Must be free of any non-vehicle conviction for 10 years. Must complete treatment program. No early termination available except through presidential pardon. FL Life. May petition for relief 25 years after release for less serious offenses. Full pardon relieves all registration obligations. Certain youthful offenders not more than 4 years older than victim who was 13 or older but less than 18 may petition for relief immediately.

Court must be "satisfied that the offender is not a current or potential threat to public safety. Youthful offenders: Termination must not conflict with federal law. GA Life. Certain less violent offenses: May petition court for relief from registration, residency and employment restrictions 10 years after completion of sentence. Such offenders with level I risk assessment may petition for relief at any time. Non-sexual kidnapping of minor: May petition for relief immediately. Physically incapacitated registrants, those in a nursing home or permanently disabled may petition for relief immediately.

Discharge following first offender deferred adjudication provides relief from registration obligations. Pardon provides relief from registration. Sex offenders must wait 10 years before applying, and a separate application form is required. Pardon: "Must have lived a law-abiding life during the 10 years prior to applying.

Terms of Use

All fines and restitution must be paid. Certain less violent offenses: Court must find "by a preponderance of the evidence that the individual does not pose a substantial risk of perpetrating any future dangerous sexual offense. For specific disqualifying offense characteristics, see O. Non-sexual kidnapping of minor: Same "preponderance" standard as above. Same "preponderance" standard as above. Pardon: Considerations include results of mandatory polygraph and psychosexual evaluation. HI Life.

Georgia Sex Offender Registry

Pardon for violent and sex crimes available 5 years after completion of sentence. IDAPA Not clear what effect on registration. Full relief: No other conviction for offense requiring registration. No pending criminal charges.

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See also State v. Kimball, P. Must have completed sentence and treatment program. No specific provision for early termination. Sealing or expungement of conviction appears to relieve obligation to register. Pardon may relieve if expungement authorized. Does not apply to juveniles prosecuted as adults. Juveniles: Registrant poses no risk to the community by a preponderance of the evidence based upon enumerated factors.

Burns Ind. Code Ann. Expungement of adult record does not provide relief. Pardon may relieve but no authority on point. Registration not required for deferred judgment that has been set aside. Juvenile court may waive registration requirement in most instances. Must complete required treatment. Offenders still on conditional release of any kind must additionally obtain stipulation of district DOC director. Expungement relieves public registration obligation only. Juvenile offenders under Court may waive registration requirement for "substantial and compelling reasons.

No provision for early termination of mandatory terms. No provision for reducing year registration requirement for sexual misconduct with a minor. Lifetime juvenile offender: May be reduced to 25 years upon petition after 25 years if "clean record. No subsequent felony convictions. No provision for early termination. However, by policy, pardon will not be granted solely for removal from registry. Registration not required for charge dismissed following completion of deferred disposition under A M.

See A M. However, before juvenile court jurisdiction terminates, court may require registration as an adult offender. Registration period of tier I offender may be reduced to 10 years upon petition after 10 years. Juvenile offenders may petition court for reduction of registration period while under jurisdiction of juvenile court. Tier I offenders: Must successfully complete any period of supervised release and treatment program.

ALM GL ch. Pardon may relieve registration obligation but no authority on point. See Mass. Laws ch. Sealing does not provide relief.